Are You Struggling To Quit Smoking?

Are You Struggling To Quit Smoking?

Vaping has been seen to be one of the most successful methods to quit smoking thus far. Although it is not an easy transition for everyone. We need to identify the struggles and educate with the correct expectations. 
A lot of beginners who have decided to consider Vaping as a way to quit smoking will seek advice to buy an E Cigarette from their local Brick & Mortar (Vape Shop). A lot of people just like me when they first start Vaping would have no idea what E Cigarette or E Liquid flavour will suit them. That’s where the staff need to be well trained and also give the customers the right expectations and education around Vaping.

What are the expectations

Vaping for the majority of users has been a tool to quit smoking. Evidence does suggest that Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking as well as being a cheaper option. The success in combating the physiological act of smoking through the inhalation of vapour has seen it gain immense success internationally.
However, the expectation of Vaping does need to be from the beginning that vaping is not the same as smoking.  A lot of new Vapers will still have a strong relationship to a “real” Cigarette. The ideology behind Vaping and its community is not to just cut down the number of cigarettes but to quit completely. If these expectations are not given from the beginning, then the user can be reluctant and disheartened by the experience due to it not being the same as smoking.

Choosing your first E Cigarette

A fundamental part of the journey for somebody looking to begin vaping to quit smoking is the E Cigarette device and choosing one to suit them. A bad experience from the beginning can leave a lasting impression with a feeling of being disheartened at the whole experience. That's why it's so important to assess each person’s needs and expectations from the beginning.
A lot of retailers will sell "starter Kits" that will include a selection of devices known to be good beginner E Cigarettes. This is a fantastic idea not only because it narrows the choice down to a select few, but the buyer can have confidence that their needs are being met through tried and tested devices.
When selecting an E Liquid the reality is it may take a while before you find your favourite flavour. New vapers trying to quit smoking tend to lean towards Tobacco flavours as they feel this will replicate the taste and feeling of a Cigarette. This commonly leads to disappointment because as mentioned previously vaping is not the same as smoking. They should be encouraged to not be limited to just one type of flavour as there are hundreds of different E Liquids to choose from. 
If equipped with the right expectations and tools they stand a much higher chance of kicking the habit. 
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  • Feb 20, 2018
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