Are you worried about secondhand Vapor?

Are you worried about secondhand Vapor?


In a lot of recent online articles and public forums, there has been a huge debate about second-hand vapour!

So, we ask ourselves how harmful is second-hand vape and whether you should be doing it around children, family & friends or vaping in public & no smoking areas?

We thought we would shine some light on this topic when it comes to Cigarettes Vs Vaping
and second-hand inhalation for these products.


Over the years we have learnt that inhaling second-hand smoke from cigarettes can kill. As an example when someone is smoking in public the burning deadly Carcinogens produced from a cigarette are contaminating the air with over 4000 cancer-causing chemicals which everyone else is then breathing in. This is bad news as secondhand smoke causes approximately 7,330 deaths from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths from heart disease each year.

So should you smoke around members of the public or family and kids? Definitely not, In fact, you probably should give up the habit altogether.

E-Cigarettes / Vaping

Vaping is rather new to the scene and unfortunately is getting a bad name from most of the media due to the lack of correct and misleading information. Second-hand vapour almost has no detectable traces of chemicals and it dissipates rather quickly, unlike cigarette smoke. In fact, second-hand vape has fewer chemicals than the steam you inhale when sniffing your hot coffee in the morning or having a hot shower and inhaling the steam mixed with the soaps that you use. The E liquid used in the E Cig devices is made using only three elements these are nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. There have been multiple studies done all around the world on second-hand vapour showing that there are almost no side effects from the inhalation from second-hand vape.
So should you vape around members of the Public?
The question is one of morals, yes you can but you should be courteous of others around you. So watch your spacing from the person next to you and don’t blow it in their faces.

Should you vape inside or in non-smoking zones?

Unless it’s in your own home then definitely not. We have seen people do this in shops and malls and this is a rather rude etiquette. The last thing we need is for people to ruin the reputation of the vape community as its already a grey area, and yes sometimes your vape can set off smoke alarms normally the ionisation alarms and steam sensor alarms 😊

Should you vape around Friends Family and Kids?

With your friends and family, it’s a simple question of just asking if they mind. As for kids you probably shouldn’t as they don’t understand it yet and their tiny lungs are still developing. If you have to we would recommend making sure you are in an area that has great airflow.
Mist NZ advocates the act of being safe and courteous when vaping around public areas and non-vaping individuals. All our E Liquid bottles contain anti-tamper seals and childproof caps.
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