This Really Is A Vape Juice To Get Excited About!

Imagine vaping away during your lunch break, then thirty minutes later you are back at work when all of a sudden you have come to find yourself in a very awkward situation. You're unable to walk or stand up due to having an unusual arousement, and the guy downstairs is now fully erected. This might be the case for some users of a new vape liquid that has hit the market in America.

In a recent article from NZ Herald A Chinese company called HelloCig Electronic Technology Co has been manufacturing Vape liquids using the erection drugs Viagra and Cialis in their ingredients potentially causing erections for up to two days. However, all though they do warn people with text on the bottle that the active ingredients tadalafil and sildenafil which can supercharge hypertension medications, and in return can result in blood pressure becoming dangerously low. The product itself is Illegal due to them using prescription-based drugs, and there has been no studies or tests on the risks of if been inhaled.​

Dr Premal Patel, a urologist at the University of Miami, warns that is a major concern because heart medications are common among men with erectile dysfunction problems.

'We are learning more and more than erectile dysfunction could be a harboring of cardiac problems in the future,' Dr Patel told

'The same blood vessels providing blood to the heart [provide blood to] the penis.'

As a urologist, he says, it's part of the job to check patients' heart health too, and to be aware that drugs like Cialis or Viagra 'have side effects if you take them with medication.'

'So putting them in a vape... especially if it's not declared, it's risky,' he says.

They work by dilating blood vessels to improve blood flow to the penis; they can also be prescribed to lower blood pressure in the lungs. But the drugs were designed to be swallowed.

'All the studies ever done on [these drugs] are from an oral perspective so we don't know what it would do to inhale them,' Dr Patel explains. 

The company toldl USA, "Our aim is to fully comply with all FDA regulations, both in letter and spirit."


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  • Nov 23, 2018
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