Can I put normal standard nicotine vape liquid in my POD Device?

Can I put normal standard nicotine vape liquid in my POD Device?

We get a lot of questions as to if you can use normal non-salt e-liquid in pod devices, so in this blog, we are going to cover they a few aspects around pod devices when it comes to e juice.

Nicotine Type

First of all the rumour that you have to only use nicotine salts in Pod devices is a myth, you can use any nicotine you like the only difference being nicotine salts can be vape at a higher smoother level in comparison to freebase nicotine. You can find more about freebase nicotine vs salt nicotine in our other blog here

Base Ratio

This is the most important factor when it comes to being able to put non-nicotine salts in a pod device. Most refillable Pod devices are designed for 50VG/50PG however this does not mean you cannot add in different juices. Below is a list of different base ratios and how it will affect most pod devices that are on the market today.

100% VG – 100% VG means that the whole bottle of vape juice is sourced from Vegetable Glycerine from flavours to nicotine. Although 100% is very rare to find nowadays its most commonly found in organic vape juice. These are not suitable for pod devices at all as the liquid is far to thick for it to process through the tiny coil in the pod device, the result being the coil burning out within the matter of the first few puffs.

Max VG - Max Vg generally refers to the e juice having the maximum amount of vegetable Glycerine before the Nicotine and Flavoring are added (generally these are PG based) leaving you with a juice somewhere around 90% to 80% Vegetable Glycerin. Again as similar to 100% VG this juice is to thick and will not absorb into the coils of your pod device.

70VG/30PG – this one is kind of self-explanatory. This juice has 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propylene Glycol, the 30% Propylene Glycol is comprised of the flavouring, nicotine and then added Propylene Glycol to reach the percentage amount. Propylene Glycol has almost the same viscosity as water, which in return thins down the liquid making it easier to pass through the cotton in the coil. Now for pod devices, you can use e liquids containing this mixture. However, it would pay to sample it on your vape pod device first or read the manufacturers instructions. Most will say suitable for 50/50 e liquids however they are also saying at the same time they are not ruling out higher mix ratios be used in the device.

So, if you dare to indulge to experiment with your non-salt vape liquids then you can find a range of them here at Mist NZ. We also have a small range of salt devices.
Find out more about Mist NZ Base ratio and E Liquids Here

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