Five Vape Juice Flavours to Help You Through the Winter

As the winter cold trudges along, you may find yourself yearning to make some changes to your vape liquid. That’s understandable—many vape flavours
you enjoyed in summer will have a fundamentally different effect when deployed in the winter.
If you’re keen to factor in the harsher winter elements when selecting your next vape liquid, you have two options. First, you can lean into the cold with
brisk or cosy flavours. Otherwise, you can try to simulate a warmer time in your life (like six months ago) with some tropical or refreshing flavours. The
choice is ultimately yours. Below, we’ve assembled five flavours ideally suited for the cold winter months.




1. Cinnabun
Nothing warms the soul like a hint of cinnamon. Mist NZ’s Cinnabun flavour combines the subtle heat of cinnamon with the cosiness of the bakery for a
one-two punch to take your mind off the cold. Enjoy a punch of cinnamon and a rich, creamy undertone. Mist NZ’s Cinnabun flavour pairs nicely with a
coffee or a hot chocolate.


2. Apple Pie

Baking is a quintessentially winter activity. Another vape liquid flavour that takes you back to the toasty warmth of a home oven, Mist NZ’s Apple Pie e-
liquid offers a cosy combination of fresh applies and sweet pastry. Apple Pie is the perfect choice for those who want to complement their warm, snug
living room on a winter evening.


3. Menthol
For some, the brisk, cooling properties of menthol e-liquids might seem counter-intuitive in the cold, but many sage vape enthusiasts swear by it. Mist
NZ’s Menthol e-liquid flavour opens your airways, letting in cool air for a fresh and invigorating experience. Menthol will give you an icy chill that will
make the frosty air outside seem a little less formidable. Menthol also couples well with fruit flavours like apple or watermelon for a more balanced



4. Orange
We all need our vitamin C in the winter. Tropical notes and a bit of citrus are a great combination in the cold, making Mist NZ’s Orange e-liquid flavour a
great choice. A refreshingly creamy sherbet consistency makes this vape liquid a surprisingly smooth experience. Let the tropical fruitiness take you back
to your summer beach holiday and forget about the chill.


5. Banoffee Delight
If it’s comfort you’re seeking in your winter vape liquid, look no further than the smooth, creamy, salty textures of Mist NZ’s Banoffee Delight e-liquid
flavour. One of our most popular flavours year-round, Banoffee Delight combines the rich flavours of caramel toffee with the smooth creaminess of
banana. Ideal for any sweet tooth, Banoffee Delight is also a great way to take your mind off the bitter chill.


Find the perfect e-liquid for your winter vaping
Whether you’re on the hunt for the best vape juice or the perfect accessories for your vape mod, make Mist NZ your first choice. With over 35 delicious
vape flavours to choose from and experts on hand to mix your custom blend, Mist NZ has the perfect option for any vaping palette. Contact Mist NZ
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  • Aug 19, 2019
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