Help Why Is My Vape Leaking!

Sick of being out in public and having your vape leak in your handbag or even worse your pocket, feeling like an idiot with a wet patch showing on your pants as though you just soiled yourself. Well, put away those fears and the adult nappies. In this blog we are going to cover tips and tricks on what causes leaks and how to stop them, we will also cover the same issues with vape your device.

Vape Leak’s and how to fix them

There are many causes for your vape to leak whether it be user error, or just bad luck however more than often 80% of the times it comes down to the user. Below we have a list of occurrences

  • Coils to lose – sometimes your vape can leak if the coil isn't screwed up tight enough, leaving a gap that the vape juice can leak through. This can also apply on refillable pod device that requires plugin coils, if they are not inserted firmly, they might leak.
  • Vape device sitting on its side – this is a very common issue, most vape devices are designed to be carried around standing up. So when they are carried around in a handbag or pocket there is a high chance they can tip over and leak. A good way to resolve this is to keep it in a tight pocket in the handbag or on your pants.
  • Heat – on those super-hot days the thickens of the e juice in the vape device can thin out. This is bad news as it might thin out so much that the cotton on the vape coil can no longer handle the saturation and then start leaking. A good resolve for this is to keep it in a cool place.
  • VG/PG Ratio – although this is not so much a problem today as technology has come a long way. When using a 50vg/50pg base ratio vape juice in a sub-ohm tank it use to cause issues depending on the coil, much like the heat issues as mention above, the 50vg/50pg mixture is very running and can soak through the coils and leak out of the vape device.
  • Plugs and seals - on most refillable pod devices they have a bung insert for where your ad in the vape juice, it's very important that this bung is fitted in firmly once refilled. On a lot of tank devices, it pays to check the seals make sure they are seated correctly and are not in poor conditions. Some types of e liquid can destroy these seals.
  • Not vaping enough – this one is a strange one however its very common. If your vape isn’t being used often enough, what can happen is your coil can eventually over saturate and leak. Vaping is required to vaporize the excessive e liquid sitting in the coil.
  • Dropping your vape device - If you drop your vape device it might pay to give it a once over check, you will need to look out for any cracks to the glass if you're using a pen-style device or sub-ohm tank. if you are using a pod device make sure the pod insert hasn't got any cracks showing. these cracks can result in a slow seepage of vape liquid.

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  • Mar 04, 2020
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