How New Zealand Is Using Vaping To Wean Off Smokers
Vaping has been proven to help smokers cut the habit. In recent years, the use of vapes and e-cigarettes has increased amongst adults who want to quit
smoking. However, in countries like the United States, there have been calls to ban sales of vape products, e-liquids, and e-cigarettes to minors.

On the other hand, New Zealand is adopting a pragmatic approach. With government initiatives such as Smokefree 2025, the country’s leadership is
putting plenty of consideration into their future plans for vaping. The government’s goal is to reduce cigarette smoking levels, particularly for youth

New Zealand’s vaping regulations
Below are the regulations set by New Zealand’s government and Ministry of Health with regards to vaping:
● Restricting sales to those aged 18 years and over
● Prohibiting vaping inside workplaces and other areas where smoking is banned under the Smoke-Free Environments Act
● Restricting advertising to reduce the attraction of e-cigarettes to non-smokers, especially children and young adults
● E-liquids must be sold in child-proof packaging.

How Kiwis view vaping
Kiwis have shown a strong passion for kicking the smokes and starting vaping – there are thousands of members on Facebook groups designed to help
others with their journey of quitting smoking. These groups are completely eclectic, with members of all ages, races, and walks of life. Everyone is equal
there and the only goal is to always try and support their peers in the battle with smoking.
Vaping and e-cigarettes can also be a confusing subject to get your head around, so luckily there are always people at any time of day waiting to answer
any questions you may have. Vaping in New Zealand has grown into something so much more than just a smoking cessation tool, it’s grown into a
community driven by education, harm reduction, and - most surprisingly - fun.
New Zealand vapers have it pretty good right now, and it’s only expected to get better moving forward. With the change of legislation regarding vaping
coming later this year, we’re excited for what the future holds.

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