How To Travel On A Plane Or Cruise With Vape Gear, And Places Its Restricted Or Banned

How To Travel On A Plane Or Cruise With Vape Gear, And Places Its Restricted Or Banned

Are you planning on travelling overseas?
Do you have concerns on how to travel with your vape equipment on an aeroplane and or cruise ship?
Are you unsure what countries you’re not allowed to vape in?

Well never fear we are going to answer all those questions today in this blog!

Going overseas is an excellent fun until you have all your vape gear confiscated off you due to it not being stored and sorted correctly, and depending on where you are going there might not be available replacements on hand. The following will pinpoint on what and how to travel with your vape devices and gear.
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By Airplane or Boat/Cruise

[Always Ring the airport/airline or cruise line beforehand as each one is different and may have different rules. Make sure to disassemble all vape devices beforehand, and no you cannot vape on a plane. However, you can vape on a cruise ship but only in the designated smoking zones]

Vape Pens with internal battery’s – Carry on Luggage Only

They are best stored in a plastic container make sure the juice has been emptied out of the tank beforehand, this avoids leaks and always check to make sure the device is turned off.

Vape Mods – Check-In or Carry On

For Mods, you can check them in or carry them onboard however you need to take the batteries out and remove the tank/RDA beforehand.

Battery’s - Carry On Luggage Only

Batteries must be carried on only. Please make sure they are stored in a correct battery case. It might also pay to check the condition of your batteries beforehand in case they need replacing or rewrapping

Tanks and RDA – Carry On Only

Make sure to empty any liquid out. This avoids any leaks. Ideally, you would store them in a hard-cased container to prevent them from being crushed. You can check them in, but due to the pressure of the cargo hold when flying the glass might break.

E Liquid/Vape Juice/E Juice – Check In Or Carry On

Most Custom departure points only allow for 100ml of liquid total this includes E-Liquid.  You might be able to get away with 100ml carry on and 100ml check-in. It is often better to bring smaller bottles and check the location on where you are visiting to see if you can purchase more from a local store. Or you can plan ahead and find a vendor that can deliver overseas to where you might be staying. Ideally, you would want to take E-Liquid stored in a plastic bottle as opposed to glass, which might break. Always check to make sure the lids are done up tightly beforehand.

Building Kits/Tools – Check-In Only

All tools need to be checked in, whether it be screwdrivers, scissors or pliers the last thing you need is having your carry-on bag searched and you accidentally left a screwdriver in there. You might end up with a cavity search :)
Below is a list where Vaping is either band or has restrictions
[the places listed are subject to change, please research the laws around vaping before your departure]
Austria: Banned
Australia: allowed but zero nicotine
Argentina:  Banned
Brazil: Banned
Brunei: Banned
Cambodia: banned
Egypt: Banned
India:  Banned in six states, Jammu, Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala.
Indonesia: Banned other than Bali
Jordan: Banned
Lebanon: Banned
Oman: Banned 
Qatar: Banned
Malaysia: Banned in Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Negeri, Terengganu, Sembilan Vaping is illegal in parks, gas stations and public buildings in Selangor
Mexico: Banned
Norway: Banned
Panama: General personal use of e-cigarettes are tolerated. However, the importation and sale of e-cigarettes is illegal and can be confiscated.
Philippines: Banned
Singapore: Banned
Taiwan: Banned
Thailand: Banned
Turkey: Banned
United Arab Emirates: Banned
Uruguay: Banned
Venezuela: Banned
Vietnam: Banned
Belgium: Banned
Uraguay: Banned
Columbia: Banned
Tajikistan: Banned
Places where vaping is restricted
Hong Kong
South Africa
For all your daily vape needs whether it be Vape Pens or cheap E-Liquid we can supply them if you have any question feel free to contact Mist NZ on this link.
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