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New Vaping Regulations

As you all know, or maybe only a handful know. We have a new vaping amendment bill currently being drafted; the first reading was pushed through during level 4 lockdown of COVID-19. Which to be fair is rather dirty tactics as everyone had their minds in other places.

We are excited as we need new regulations however, we do think there are a few loopholes and poor description in the current proposed bill.

What you can expect and time frames

At this rate it looks like the new bill will be put in place within a few weeks, the second reading was on the 22-07-2020. Here are some key points on what we know so far from the new amendment bill.

  • The sale of online products will be heavily restricted unless the company is a certified vape specialist, which has to be approved by the attorney general. To become a vaping specialist 70% of the store's sales need to be vape related products and you need to have a physical store, portable vape stores are not included.
  • All non-specialist stores will only be allowed to sell Menthol, Mints & Tobacco.
  • Sponsorship will no longer be available from vape related companies.
  • There are to be no more vape related prizes or giveaways on any platform. This includes free samples included in orders.
  • Manufacturers will need to have the products registered and tested yearly


For more information, you can view and read the new vaping amendment bill here!

Mist NZ
At this stage, we are very unsure of our future as it looks like only brick and mortar stores will be allowed to be classed as a vaping specialist and not online stores.

Currently, we are working on some contingency plans, these including getting our product to more kiwi owned and operated vape stores and releasing a line of products strictly for non-classed vape specialist.

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  • Jul 26, 2020
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Gary July 26, 2020

Just as well I buy from a very onto it business who aim and demonstrate the highest levels in standards not to forget a very high standard in quality. Thank you Morgan very much appreciate what you do

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