Nicotine Salts VS Freebase Nicotine

Shopping online can be a headache, especially when it comes to making decisions. The recent famous shopping battle is to salt or not to salt, In this blog we are going to cover the following when it comes to Nicotine Salts VS Freebase Nicotine we will be asking what is Nicotine and what is the difference between nicotine salts and Freebase Nicotine and why should i make the switch to Nicotine salts.
Nicotine salts are somewhat new to the market, Vapers are making the switch to Salts as they deliver a more satisfying and smoother vape, especially when it comes to using a higher nicotine content. Salts are ideal for smaller pod/pen devices that produce less vapor than the standard devices; however, this does not mean that you cannot use nicotine salts in your standard vape device.

What Is Nicotine
Nicotine Is a naturally occurring product that can be found in potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, and more commonly tobacco. Nicotine is a strong stimulate similar to that of caffeine. Nicotine is a crucial factor in the habit-forming of tobacco smoking. Nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves carry a strong positive charge, due to this, it has a hard time moving through the membranes within our bodies, resulting in fewer particles making it to the bloodstream.

What Is Freebase Nicotine
Freebase nicotine is one of the most commonly used nicotine in vape Liquids. As mentioned before, nicotine itself has a strong positive charge. To remove the particle charge it gets treated which then turns it into a free state, this enables it to travel much more easily across the membranes into our body allowing more nicotine into the bloodstream, resulting in more potent form. Freebase nicotine is alkalinity with a PH level around 8, this higher PH level is what causes the harsh throat hit especially when used at more elevated amounts like a 12mg Vape juice.

What is Nicotine Salt And Why Make The Change
Nicotine salt is comprised of Freebase Nicotine; however, it is broken down using an acid, generally, Benzoic Acid, what this does is lower the PH level closer to neutral. Resulting in a smooth throat hit which then in return you can increase the amount of nicotine within the vape liquid avoiding a harsher hit.
Benzoic Acid drastically helps with absorbing nicotine across the membranes; however, the body will absorb the nicotine a lot faster into the bloodstream and exit the body quicker. Very similar to that of a cigarette, Therefore if you are struggling with making the switch to vaping from smoking, then Nicotine salts might be the answer for you.


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