Nicotine Salts | What People Are Actually Vaping 50mg Of Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts | What People Are Actually Vaping 50mg Of Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts here, nicotine salts there, nicotine salts everywhere. Yes, this is another nicotine salts blog, we want people to understand nicotine salts and are they really designed with the end-user in mind?  

Comparisons of nicotine levels in salts vs freebase & traditional cigarettes

Let us look at the different levels of nicotine in each of the following, after all the point of vaping is to kick the stinky cigarettes right?

A traditional cigarette can contain from 12mg to 18mg of nicotine. A standard freebase nicotine vape liquid can contain up to 18mg of nicotine & a nicotine salt based vape can contain up to a 50mg, what 50mg yes you heard that correctly. We are not quite sure why manufacturers are using such high nicotine content amounts when making these nicotine salt products, as we said before a standard cigarette can contain a maximum amount of 18mg. Our opinion is they are trying to get as many users hooked on the higher amount wanting them to come back for more, especially since nicotine salts enter and exit the body faster than any other nicotine, thus making you want to vape more? No matter how you look at it regardless of which device you use weather it be a vape pen, vape pod, or sub-ohm device, there is no difference in nicotine amount. So a freebase 12mg is the same amount of nicotine as a nicotine salts 12mg.

If you are unsure of the difference between freebase and salts nicotines we cover that in our blog here


The Myths of nicotine salts

you can only use nicotine salts in pods though right & cannot use nicotine salts in sub-ohm devices? Hmmm, this is not quite correct, yes you can use freebase juice in refillable pod cartridges. In fact, some people prefer freebase in their pods as it gives a better throat hit that resembles closer to a cigarette while also getting a better target nicotine level of that to a cigarette, what it really comes down to is what base ratio the juice is and can saturate the coil on a pod device. As for salts juice in sub-ohm devices and pens, there is no problem with using nicotine salts in them. It is a big fat myth that one cannot be used with the other. This being said we wouldn't recommend going higher than 18mg nicotine salts in a sub-ohm device as you might start getting light-headed and dizzy if you are using a 30mg or 50mg.

Mist NZ supplies a wide range of freebase nicotine products that can be used in most refillable pod device, & a range of nicotine salts up to a maximum of 36mg
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Jenny Chalker November 01, 2020

Hi my husband want to start using a vape again he previously stopped as it wasn’t helping much. He has been reading about your freebase nicotine witch apparently gives the taste of having a real cigarette which is what he’s interested in are you able to guide us with the freebase and if this is the best one can you give me a price on this product and also what size they come in. Thank you for your time much appreciated.

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