Why We’re Overreacting to the Vaping Health Scare

By now you’ve probably heard that some health issues in the United States have been linked to vaping. The result has been a frantic rush to impose sweeping bans on certain vape liquid flavours and strict regulations on the entire industry before much is even known about the problem. 


Unfortunately, while these bans will negatively impact the vaping industry, the real victim here is you. These bans will deny Kiwis a viable path away from much more harmful tobacco products, and result in more e-cig users attempting the potentially dangerous practice of mixing their own E-liquids.


Continue reading to see why the rush to ban E-liquids is excessive and the toll it will take on ordinary New Zealanders.



Whats the Push Behind The Flavour Bans

The Main driving force behind the banning of most flavors is due to the concern of youth vaping. However the actual statistic of youth vaping are yet to be found and most findings are done on hear say from teachers in school. a recent study from ASH(Action On Smoking And Health) in the UK shows very minimal amount of youth vaping, roughly around 2% you can find read more on there study [here]


Why the vaping hysteria is overblown

Considering the recent vaping revelations, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States cracked down with bans on specific vape liquid flavours. However, these bans did not target key ingredients believed to have caused this recent spate of health scares.


So, what did cause them? It appears the most likely culprits are black market THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) E-liquid Pods, both of which are forms of marijuana extract used to infuse standard vape liquids with cannabis oil. Cannabis infused vape juice has become a popular home vaping modification in recent years, even in places where marijuana is not yet legal. Tutorial videos on Youtube teaching e-cig and mod users to make their own cannabis-infused vape liquids have racked up millions of views. Recently, in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, USA, two brothers were arrested with over $1.5 million USD in THC products they were using to home-brew E-liquids.


The CDC(Center For Disease Control And Prevention) Confirms That the Vast Majority of Vaping-Related Lung Disease Cases Involve THC Products, along with further findings from NBC News as they commissioned a laboratory tests of the knock-off marijuana vapes that found a pesticide linked to hydrogen cyanide in 10 out 10 products.


Why hasty vaping bans will hurt people

Issuing bans and over-regulating before the cause is proven poses a few considerable risks to ordinary vape users. The first, and most important, is that banning e-cigs will surely drive many Kiwis back into the clutches of tobacco use. Tobacco is unhealthier, and more addictive than E-cigs, which can customise nicotine levels to wean people off their addiction. Additionally, banning certain E-liquids manufactured by professionals who understand the safety concerns means that more people will feel pressured to mix their own liquids, which could be the root cause of this hysteria to begin with.


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Want to do your part to help the Vaping Community. Sign the petition below and also write into your local mp with your story and veiws on vaping.

  • Oct 04, 2019
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