What Does Premium Mean?

What Does The Word "Premium" On E Liquid Bottles Mean?

There are currently no Regulations on the manufacturing of E Liquids, so it is difficult to ascertain the quality of the E Liquid produced. So in this blog, we touch on what premium E Liquid means to us here at Mist NZ. Ranging from what ingredients are used to the standards in which our E Liquid is being produced in to provide our customers with “premium” E Juice.

Here at Mist NZ, we strive to make our E Liquid Premium and here is why we label our bottles with a premium mark.

First, let’s start with what Ingredients we use

Vegetable Glycerin

Our Vegetable Glycerin is a Certified Organic and Non-GMO oil mostly made up of corn and soy. Our Vegetable Glycerin does not contain any Palm oil derivative, and we only use Pharmaceutical grade, which means it meets the specifications of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) This is one of the highest quality Vegetable Glycerin available on the market today.

Propylene Glycol

We Only Use USP Grade Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol exists in several forms and concentrates. The USP (Pharmaceutical) grade is designed especially for us in topical and edible applications and has been granted GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status by the FDA and has been deemed safe by the World Health Organization. (The Pharmaceutical Grade must not be confused with other grades used in applications such as engine coolant)

Flavour Concentrates

All of our flavour concentrates are sourced from Capella in the united states. We only use the concentrates that have passed their Lab testing which you can find these on the A/P List on their website.
What Does The A/P List Mean?
It’s a list of flavour concentrates where they have not added any Acetoin and or Acetyl Propionyl compounds to our flavor formulation. They then send them off to a lab to be tested for their levels of Acetoin and or Acetyl Propionyl to see if any of the chemicals have formed naturally.
We only use the concentrates that have cleared their testing. All Flavors Incoming are opened and left to steep and breath for a minimum of 3 weeks. "The photo below shows the difference in two identical flavour concentrates. the one on the left is next in line for production while the one on the right has been newly purchased" (we will touch on this topic on a future blog). This reduces the harshness of the Vape and matures the flavour. Doing this allows us to pack to order.
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Now we look at how the E-Cigarette Juice is Manufactured and Produced

Health and Safety

All of our E Liquids are manufactured in a fully sealed and Isolated Room with temperature and humidity control. Our Manufacturing facility is located in a unit outside separate from all other environments; We had our room tested by air lab systems last year and are currently sitting on the line of ISO8. We are investing more time and equipment to be more efficient for our next test later this year.
All our staff are required to wear the following to make sure there is minimum contamination in the room. Face Masks, Hair Nets, Lab Coats, Gloves. We also have a rather vigorous cleaning schedule.
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Hand Crafted And Batching

As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in our work, so Every bottle of Mist NZ is precisely made by hand. We do this as it creates less room for error as each time a bottle gets picked up it is inspected. We use a six-station process that each bottle goes through as followed.
1- Labelling & Tagging
2-Nicotine content
3-Base Mix Ratios
4-Flavour Station
5-Capping & Lids
6-Mixing & Packaging
All of our components are batched. We do not batch the final bottle that is packed for the order as the order number is the batch code. So if you were to say you purchased watermelon E-liquid and gave us your order number we can then look up the day your order was processed and trackback to what components were in use at that current point of time.

Overall Out Come?

So with all the above Ingredients and Manufacturing procedures together this why we think we have earned the Quality Mark Premium on our E Juice bottles.

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