Don't Be That Person – Signs of a Rookie Vaper

So, you think you can vape? The truth is, vaping isn’t hard. In fact, part of the popularity of vaping is how easy it is to get started! That said, many vaping rookies are prone to a few mistakes and bad habits. After all, everybody’s human. 

Perhaps you’re brand new to vaping. Or maybe you’ve been vaping for a while now but can’t seem to reach the vaping zen your friends have attained. Never fear! Below, we’ve listed some of the most common vaping mistakes and how to avoid them.


1. Choosing the wrong vape liquid

Too many vapers think their vape liquid selection extends no further than their favourite flavour, only to wind up with a sore throat or oversized clouds. This is a dead giveaway that they haven’t perfected their PG / VG ratio or don’t yet understand what ratio works best with their particular vaping device.


2. Burning out your coils

Gunky build-up in your tank can impair the flavour of your vape liquid and collect on your coil, resulting in less vapour over time. Your e-cig coils burn out regularly and will need to be frequently replaced. This is a cornerstone of proper vape maintenance, but too many vaping rookies allow the coil to burn out completely before replacing them. This results in a substandard vaping experience much of the time. Don’t forget to drip a bit of vape juice on the coils before their maiden voyage and pay attention to your power range.


3. Heavy clouds in tight spaces

We get it, you can heave a huge cloud. You can impress some of the people some of time, but you won’t likely impress all the people all the time and you certainly won’t impress anybody by fumigating a cramped space. Develop a sense of occasion and try to be discreet in crowds. Your friends and neighbours will appreciate it.


4. Dry hits

A dry hit is the dreadful sensation of pulling on your vape when it’s low on vape liquid or altogether empty. The foul taste and the dry, heaving puff are enough to put some people off vaping for a while, while they recover from the trauma. Keep an eye on your liquid levels and carry some reserves if you’re worried about exhausting your supply.


5. Smug vaping elitism

Vaping is better than smoking tobacco, but vaping doesn’t make you better than smokers. No statues will be erected to commemorate your super rad vape mod. Your huge cloud will not leave you swamped by beautiful specimens of the human form. Vaping is fun, and can even be cool, but you know what’s really impressive? Being humble. (Cue Kendrick)


6. Using the wrong nicotine level

This issue can derail your effort to transition from tobacco to vaping. Not using enough nicotine in your vape liquid could result in headaches and cravings, leaving you hitting your vape too often. Too much nicotine, however, and you could wind up light-headed and nauseous. Work with your local vape shop to find the perfect balance.


7. Flavour mixing

Plenty of vape connoisseurs mix flavours, having found the perfect blend for their delicate sensibilities. But the reality is that they get their custom blends mixed at the vape shop. This should not be confused with the more unfortunate type of flavour mixing; when you still taste hints of your previous vape liquid because you neglected to clean your tank. Give your tank a thorough scrub when you know you’re changing flavours.


Hey, nobody’s perfect

Vaping mistakes happen. We’re all in this together. One of the only unforgivable vaping sins is to invest in worthwhile equipment. With Mist NZ, this is the easiest vaping mistake to avoid. Our quality e-liquids and vape accessories will set you down the right bath toward vaping nirvana. Contact Mist NZ today to get started!

  • Sep 03, 2019
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