The Ten Commandments of Vaping Etiquette

Vaping is not an age-old pastime. Barely one generation has grown up in a world where vaping is a normal site to behold. For that reason, people may be forgiven for thinking there isn’t a general code of conduct for vapers. 


Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to when and where it’s appropriate to wield your trusty vape, but don’t feel guilty. Vape etiquette is still in its infancy! Continue reading to learn the ten commandments of righteous vaping.


1. If you’re uncertain, ask permission 

Unless you’re vaping at home, or surrounded by people you’re familiar with, it’s never a bad idea asking permission to use your vape mod. Most public spaces will have clear policies, so check for them. If you’re not sure, go ahead ask those around you if they have a problem. You’d rather hold off on that hit than have someone upset.


2. Answer questions

So, you like to vape. That’s great! You’re now a de facto ambassador for the craft. You may occasionally be asked questions about your hobby. Take is as an opportunity to educate the public. The more people know the true nature of vaping, the better.


3. Take it outside

Sometimes, if you’re a little unclear on when or where vaping might be acceptable, it helps to apply the same rules you’d apply to smoking cigarettes. Typically, that means refraining from vaping indoors. Some bars, restaurants, and other public spaces might have policies permitting the practice, but if you’re not sure, taking it outside is best practice.


 4. Rather not around children

Vaping is not as unhealthy as cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean we need to expose it children. If you’re around the kids, exercise some restraint. The vape will still be there when the kids go to bed.


5. Be careful on the road

This is less of an etiquette point than it is a safety one. Vaping in your car might seem ideal. You’re on your own and the music’s loud, but your car is also a very confined space where your cloud can collect, and vape mod vapours can impair vital visibility.




6. Know your workplace guidelines 

Due to the rise in vaping over the past decade, many New Zealand workplaces today have in-house policies regarding vaping. Familiarise yourself with your workplace vape polices, and help craft some if there aren’t any.


7. Mind the cloud

Many vapers take pride in size of their cloud. You might even invest in a specific e cig liquid to maximise your puffery. But your cloud can be a nuisance to those around you. Some people may have a negative physical reaction to second-hand vapours, while others may be put off by the aroma. Either way, keep your cloud in mind when you vape in public spaces.


8. To stealth vape, or not to vape  

Stealth vaping is definitely a thing, though you may not have noticed. If you feel the need to conceal your vaping, it may simply be the case that that isn’t the right time or place. If you can’t flaunt it, perhaps pause it.

9. Don’t be a snob
By all means, vape proudly. Just remember that vaping doesn’t make you better than anyone! Don’t thumb your nose at vapers with less sophisticated mods or hold yourself in higher regard than smokers. Nobody likes to be spoken down to. Use your hobby to make new friends, not put people off.


10. Use common sense

The golden rule of vaping: exercise common sense with your mod. Rarely will you find yourself in a situation where some basic common sense will fail you. Think about those around you and hold off if you’re uncertain about your surroundings. Your heads good for more than just making a sick cloud.


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  • Jun 20, 2019
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