Tips & Tricks To Help Wean Or Quit The Habit Of Vaping

Tips & Tricks To Help Wean Or Quit The Habit Of Vaping

If you feel like you vape excessively or you live in a country like Australia and the rules are making it to hard to keep vaping then this blog is for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss tips and tricks that might aid you in your journey to reduce vaping or give it up completely.

Here are some simple and easy to follow steps you can take to reduce the amount you are vaping.

Nicotine Content

Most ex-smokers start off vaping with high nicotine content. Since nicotine is addictive ideally you want to slowly lower your nicotine intake over time, for example, if you are vaping 6mg you might want to try reducing to a 3mg then 1.5mg, eventually getting the end goal of only vaping 0mg nicotine. If you are finding the reduced amount of nicotine isn’t quite hitting the spot, you can try playing around with higher ohm coils or higher PG based vape liquids. Some devices will even allow you to adjust the airflow or turn the wattage up.

Break the Association

A lot of people associate other habits with vaping. For instance, morning coffee or social drinking. To reduce or quit vaping, breaking these associations is crucial to long term success. Even small changes like switching what hand you vape with will aid your end goal of reducing or quitting. Try to replace vaping time with general chores. For instance- hmmm I feel like I need to have a vape however ill hang out the washing instead, or reply to that email

Keeping time

Try not to keep track of when you last had a vape. Every time you think about the last time you had a vape, you’re reliving the moment of doing it. Try keeping yourself occupied with activities that do not involve vaping e.g. exercise, cleaning house or meeting with non-vaping friends

Making an effort and setting rules

Sometimes we prolong doing things due to them be hard to do. So why not apply that to vaping, make a rule you can only vape outside. Make it harder by keeping your vape device in a certain hidden place. If you have to get up and locate your device and then go outside in the cold/hot to vape, then this technique might deter you from doing so.

Flavour choice

As adults we love our flavours, unfortunately, this doesn’t help when it comes to reducing vaping. Try switching up and purchasing different less than desired flavours.

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Have you had any success in giving up or reducing the amount your vaping? Comment below on how you succeeded.

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