Top Five E Juices to Try This Summer

Man, oh man is it hot outside! All of this summer weather means we’re taking our vapes to all kinds of places they haven’t been in a while: the beach, the pool, the park. Our Kiwi summer is full of iconic treats, and we believe it’s time vaping was recognised as one of them. We’ve gone all out to bring you a whole range of the country’s best vapour juices that will get you right into that summer mood, whether it’s that fruity tang, that childhood ice cream flavour - or maybe something that’s decidedly out of the ordinary. Let’s dive right in!


The most tropical fruit

Say what you will about the whole pineapple-on-pizza debate, fresh pineapple is the summer fruit to rule them all. Getting the balance right on delicate flavours like pineapple can be difficult in E Juices, but there’s no problem here as this flavour packs a full fruity tang while maintaining that air of freshness. This is the vapour juice for you if you want to instantly give the whole room a fresh summer vibe.


Just like a trip to the dairy

Who doesn’t remember ripping down to the dairy with a few coins for some ice blocks? That’s as summer as it comes on this side of the South Pacific. Luckily, we’ve got limited range E Juice available flavoured after one of those iconic ice blocks, the Cyclone. We believe that a good summer flavour is all about the classics, so we’re bringing them straight to you. You’ll be amazed at how it tastes just like the original, and the best part is our E Juice has none of the sugar.


A basket of berries

You can’t go past a fruit flavoured E Juice in the summer, and you can hardly beat a few juicy, plump berries plucked straight from the bush. That’s why we’ve set out to recreate those experiences with our Blackberry and Raspberry flavours. These taste just like the fruits themselves and will leave you with a refreshing, sweet aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more.


And what goes with berries...

Whipped Cream and berries go hand in hand. Yes, you read that right - our whipped cream flavour is the perfect summer complement to any fruit flavour, and you can order it premixed with our create your own option. This is a full-bodied flavour that works well matched with sweeter flavours, and has a hint of vanilla in it - just like how mum used to whip it up.


A stone cold classic

I don’t know many things that spell out summer like an icy can of Cherry Cola. It’s a bold choice, but a rewarding one that will keep your thirst quenched and your taste buds satisfied. It’s a classic flavour combination that has stood the test of time. Now, it’s been brought into a new dimension in our E Juice. Like all of our summer flavours, the strength is in just how much it tastes like the real thing - we want to bring a few of your childhood favourites back to you in a new way.


Are you ready to bring summer everywhere you vape?

These five flavours are awesome, but we’ve got a whole lot more E Juices for sale too. Even better, our whole range comes in a range of PG/VG ratios so you can customise your throat hit, and a range of strengths to suit any vaping style. Gear up for summer by checking out our full range of vape products, and don’t be afraid to contact us with any queries.

  • Dec 19, 2018
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