Vape Coils 101

Vape Coils 101


Are you unsure of when, how & why you need to change your Coil in your Vape Device?

One of the biggest indicators that your coil will need to be replaced is by the taste. If you are experiencing a nasty burnt taste when inhaling chances are you need to replace your coil in your E Cigarette.  Generally you will need to replace your coil every 5-7 days – there are many factors which will either prolong this time frame or decrease it. Such as if your E Liquid contains a high amount of sweetener it tends to burn the coils a lot quicker and if you’re only a part-time or moderate vaper you may be able to extend the lifespan of your coil.
All vape coils come in different shapes and sizes it’s best practice to regularly change them to ensure the best untainted flavour hit from your E Juice.  This will also decrease the possibility of your coils burning which is when the inhalation of carcinogens can occur, we have covered this in our previous "Vaping to Quit Smoking" blog. 

What are ohms and how do I know which ones to choose?

Speaking of flavour, what are ohms and how do they effect my experience with my E Cigarette? Ohms are a measurement of electrical resistance -these determine the amount of current able to freely travel. The best analogy we have seen to explain the effects of different level of ohms would be to imagine a pipe with running water and then to make it smaller with the same amount of water this will mean that the water will be more restricted and have less room to freely flow as before.
To explain the effect of both lower and higher ohms has on your Vape Device and E Juice we have listed below the main differences.

Lower Ohms

  • A higher amount of Electrical Current so less resistance.
  • More vapor production
  • Increased Battery Use
  • Increased E Liquid Consumption

Higher Ohms

  • A lesser amount of Electrical Current so more resistance
  • Less Vapor Production
  • Flavor will generally be more intensified
  • Battery life will be utilized more effectively
  • Less E Liquid consumption
When purchasing coils for your E Cigarette you will be given multiple options of ohms to choose from so hopefully we have cleared up any confusion and you will be able to make a more informed decision when purchasing. If still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vendor they should be more than happy to assist you with purchasing the right amount of resistance for your Vape device and personal preferences.
Best practices for priming your coil
Due to the number of different coils available we offer this advice as a general guide and if in doubt please contact a vendor or seek assistance from a more experienced vaper.

Steps to take on priming your new coil

Step 1
Make sure your tank is clean.
To clean your tank turn your vape device off and Remove the tank some E Cigarettes you will not be able to remove the tank.
Then take it apart generally most of them will unscrew from the top or bottom remove and dispose of the old coil.
leave your tank with the side that is screwed off down on a paper towel for about 5mins this will allow for any excess old E Liquid to run out.

A:Using Paper Towels
Use a paper towel or toilet paper (preferable unused).
Toilet paper is more malleable, so you will be able to shape it to get into those hard areas, simply twist some toilet paper so it makes a long cone shape then insert it into your tank and wipe it around the edge of the glass to remove the remaining e liquid.
you can use this same method to clean the funnel and drip tip. You would be surprised at the amount of gunk that builds up in these areas

B:Using water
you can also clean your tank using very hot water. This will only apply if you can remove the tank from the device. Follow the same step as above by placing your tank with the unscrewed side down on the paper towel. Then afterwards use hot water to rinse your tank.
Once you are satisfied that your tank is clean leave it to dry with the screw side place down on a paper towel (Don’t use your tank if its still wet you can help speed up the drying process by following Process A)

Step 2
Remove the coil from the foil and grab your bottle of E Liquid (make sure you shake it thoroughly before use. This will avoid any harshness if the liquid components have started to separate the last thing you want is a straight hit of nicotine due to it floating on the top of the juice if it was added in afterwards from a vendor)

Step 3
Take your E juice and apply it to the cotton on the inside of your coil and then do the same to the exposed cotton on the outside of the coil.
How much should you apply? Keep dripping the E juice in small amounts to the cotton until it has saturated generally about half a ml. You will notice the cotton will look darker and wet. Try not to over saturate cotton as it might start to spit when you fire the device up for the first time.

Step 4
Re Attach your tank back to the device, make sure it is off. Then Insert the new saturated coil back into your tank. Make sure it is screwed in correctly and do not over tighten it.
Once the new coil is in place reassemble the screw cap with the drip tip. In some Vapes you might need to fill the tank up with E Liquid beforehand if not apply the E Juice afterwards.
Step 5
Once you have filled your tank up. make Sure to let it sit for about ten minutes. You can turn your device back on and Enjoy your Vape 😊
(Please note the first few times you use a new coil it might be a bit harsh, But it should not be burnt tasting. This is generally caused from the new cotton breaking in)

How to prolong the life of your coil?

Here are a few reasons your coil might not be lasting as long as it should.

-Wattage set too high (Generally most coils will state the optimum wattage range)
-Chain Vaping (The constant firing of the device with little to not interval breaks will cause the E liquid and Coil to heat up to the point where it starts to burn. Generally, a result of the E Liquid Turning black and sticking to the coil so each time you fire it up you will be burning the Gunk stuck to the coil although the cotton may still look fine)

-E Liquid Containing very high amounts of sweetener (with sweeteners they tend to clog up the coil and cotton a lot quicker and cause the same Gunk burning effect as above)
-Little to no E Liquid left in the tank - You should always keep your coil saturated! Imagine heating a pot of water, the water will always turn into steam as long as there is water in the pot but once all of the water has evaporated from the pot, The pot will then itself start to heat up and burn. As a good rule of thumb always top up your tank when there is only ¼ of the E liquid left.
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