Get The Most Out Of Your E-Cig With These Top Maintenance Tips

No matter where you vape NZ-wide, proper care and maintenance of your vaporiser is essential for sustained vaping excellence. This goes for vaping novices and sage vape masters alike. But do you know how to properly clean and maintain your vaporiser?

Whether you’ve been vaping for a week or a decade, you may not yet have mastered the art of proper vaporiser care. But fear not! Mist is here to provide you with some maintenance advice to make sure you get the best vaping experience every time you switch on. Keep reading to learn Mist’s top maintenance tips for your vaporiser.


How to clean your vape tank 

E-liquids leave behind a bit of residue, so cleaning your vape tank regularly is the best and most obvious way to ensure that get the best flavour out of your vaporiser. This residue can attract dust which will bog down your atomiser but – importantly - it can also leave behind traces of its flavour. Anyone who’s ever picked up the essence of their old passionfruit e-liquid after switching to peanut butter will understand how frustrating and off-putting that sensation can be.

To clean your vape tank, disassemble your vape tank and safely dispose of any remaining vape liquid. Next, soak your tank in a bowl for 10-15 minutes. Depending on how thorough you wish your cleaning to be, you can use anything from warm water to high-proof (flavourless) vodka to propylene glycol. Once your vape tank has sufficiently soaked, allow it to dry in an open, dry space and reassemble.

You can also ensure that your e-liquids perform to their full potential by maintaining an ideal e-liquid level in your vape tank, and storing your e-liquids in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


How to clean your coils

The reality is, while it is possible to clean your replaceable vaporiser coils, doing so is difficult and doesn’t dramatically increase the life of your coils. This is particularly true of replaceable coils. Replacing your coils regularly is more effective and practical, as you will have to do so anyway (This is why Mist offers a variety of coils, among other Vpdam products). Worn vape coils will begin to look dark and crusty. They will produce less vapor and the vapor they do produce might have a singed or burnt taste to it. You’re better off replacing vape coils in this state, as cleaning them may only extend their life by a few days. However, if you want to squeeze every last drop of life out of your vape coils, there are some steps you can take to clean them.

For replaceable coils, disassemble your vape tank and remove the coil. Be careful to make note of each individual element within your vaporiser, where it came from and how it was removed, so that you don’t struggle to reassemble your vaporiser later. Soak the coil in propylene glycol or vinegar, then rinse and allow to dry completely before reassembly.

Rebuildable coils are made to be cleaned. Disassemble your vape tank, remove the coil, and from the coil remove the wick. Dry burn your coil lightly to burn off any residue that might be inhibiting your coil’s vapor output. Then remove the atomiser and rinse the coil gently beneath running water. Scrub the coil lightly with a coil cleaning brush or a tooth brush, gently rinse once more, and dry burn the coil once more to evaporate the lingering water droplets before allowing to dry thoroughly.


How to clean your drip tip

Unlike the harder mechanical elements of your vaporiser, your drip tip should be kept away from alcohols during cleaning. To clean and sterilise your drip tip, consider instead soaking it for several minutes in salt water. This will help break down residue on the drip tip without drying out the plastics and causing it to crack.

Get the most out of your vaping experience

Keeping your vaporiser clean means getting more vape for your buck! Take the time and care to properly maintain your vape pen, vape mod, or e-cig. You’ll get a better tasting vapor and you’ll get more of it. To boot, your vaporiser will last longer and save you money. For more expert advice on caring for your vaporiser, contact the vaping pros at Mist today!

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