Vape Safety Around Children

In a recent article from stuff, In June 2018 A Melbourne Mum had accidentally left a bottle of liquid nicotine in arms reach of her 19 month old son. She was using the concentrated nicotine to give up smoking. This is due to nicotine E Liquid being illegal to purchase from stores in Australia, however it is legal to import up to three months’ worth of nicotine concentrate for personal use.
She had turned her back to the child when he managed to get hold of one of the Liquid nicotine bottles and drink it. Unfortunately, this ended up being fatal for the child to consume.
She immediately washed his mouth and called the emergency services. The child died 11 days later from nicotine poisoning.
Unfortunately The details around this story are very vague. And we assume that the liquid consumed from the toddler would have been in the concentrated form. Despite the fact every news article on the topic displays a bottle of branded vape liquid or someone vaping. instead of displaying a bottle of nicotine concentrate.


What we can learn
-It is super important that if you have children or are around them, make sure you’re vape equipment is kept at safe height, and out of reach.


-Vaping is not as unhealthy as cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean we need to expose it children. If you’re around the kids, exercise some restraint. The vape will still be there when the kids go to bed.


-Most bottles come with a anti tamper lids and a child safety mechanism. A lot of the cheaper bottles do too however they tend to fail when it comes to the job at hand what we mean by this is referring to the amount of pressure to engage the lid for it to come off. Some require little to none. Also, the anti-tamper ring on some bottles can fall straight off once the lid is off. This is especially dangerous around children if you haven’t noticed and it falls on the floor resulting in a choking hazard. Not to mention some cheaper bottles tent to have the tips pop off when squeezed resulting in a explosion of vape liquid everywhere. This is especially dangerous if you have children or pets that might try drink it up off the floor.

One good way to avoid these issues is if you have a bottle that’s up to the task at hand, maybe put it aside for when you do come across a dodgy bottles and decanter the contents into the safer bottle.


Here at Mist NZ we only use certified gorilla bottles. These bottles are renown for their safety features. 

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