Vaper's Tongue - What, How & Why?

In this blog, we are going to discuss a strange and magical plus annoying condition called vaper's tongue.
Ever wondered why one day your vape taste perfect and full of flavour and then the next day the same vape without anything changing all of a sudden has no taste? Well, don't worry this is a common and universal phenomenon that most vaper's will experience on the odd occasion. It can last for 1-3 days, but on the rare opportunity, some have experienced it to last up to two weeks.



What is Vaper's Tongue
The name vapours tongue originated due to the sensation of an individual's tongue feeling like it has a thick coating on it, blocking the taste bud's ability to taste. Fear, not this side effect won't effect the absorption of nicotine or vape production. It only has an impact on the full flavour of the juice, which of course is very important to vapers. Later in this blog, we will cover some tips that can help fix the issues, Because no one likes a lame tongue that will ruin the taste of your vape juice sensation.


What Causes Vapers Tongue
We have a few thousands taste buds in our mouth which regenerate frequently. To keep optimal tasting for our taste buds, our tongue needs to be kept moist for the taste buds to work correctly. Vaping can regularly cause our tongue to fatigue resulting in it drying out and losing flavour.
Another culprit is the sense of smell. Smell can account for up to 70% of perceived flavour. Some flavours can only be tastes through smell. If we lose it due to a blocked nose or just a general loss of smell, it can damp the character of a vape.

Smoking is another source of a numb tasteless tongue. Smoking is terrible for oral health and can quite often hinder smell and taste. The great news is your smell and taste can recover.

Tips And Tricks That Might Help Fix Your Tongue
1- Drink lots of water or hydration fluid to avoid your tongue from drying out
2- Drink less caffeine and alcohol as these fluids can dehydrate your tongue
3- Oral Hygiene is also important. So don't forget to brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. You can also use a tongue scraper
4-Quit Smoking, not only is this good for revitalizing your tongue. Your health will also benefit from this decision
5-increase intervals between vaping. This will reduce the chances of your tongue dehydrating
6-Changing it up, try using a different flavour from the all-day vape. This sometimes can be rather refreshing introducing a new taste to the pallet or using a menthol flavour.


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  • Nov 28, 2019
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