What's in a Cleanroom? How Safe, Quality E Liquids Are Made

What will you find in your vaping e-liquid? If your vape juice has been manufactured safely and professionally, you can trust that it contains only what it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, not all vape liquids are safely and professionally mixed, and the results can be dangerous. Poorly made vape juice can contain bacteria or unhealthy additives.

One of the key resources for professionals is the cleanroom, which helps keep contaminants and bacteria from finding their way into your vape liquid. Below, we’ll look behind the scenes at the space where great e liquids are mixed. Continue reading to learn more!


What are cleanrooms?

Cleanrooms are spaces with meticulously monitored atmosphere controls, used for industrial production and other forms of chemical and biological research. They’re also what we in the vaping business call the labs, where vape liquids are produced.

Cleanrooms are designed to severely inhibit the number of particulates in the air that might interact with chemical mixtures. These particulates could be anything from dust to airborne organisms. Typically, the ambient air in a populated area will contain approximately 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter. Within a cleanroom, however, that figure can be as low as 12 particles per cubic meter. Powerful HEPA filters produce frequent air changes, and users working inside the cleanroom might wear sterile garments to prevent skin shedding and respiration from contaminating the space from within.

Typically, you can expect most cleanrooms to contain a few standard features. A powerful filter unit is used to push clean air into the space from above, forcing the existing air down through vents in the floor and out of the space.


Why do cleanrooms matter?

The vape juice you use will spend time in your lungs, so its composition is very important. What’s more, the ingredients in your vape liquid—such as vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol—are organic, and therefore vulnerable to bacterial infection. They need to be handled and mixed in a controlled environment to ensure they are safe to use.

Unfortunately, many vape users have taken it upon themselves to mix their own homemade vape liquids, which seems to be driving a recent rise in vaping-related illnesses. Obviously, vape liquids that are homemade by amateurs or purchased off the street by unlicensed sellers are a much higher risk for contamination, and much of what distinguishes the vape liquids of reliable professionals is their access and commitment to safe, clean mixing facilities. This is what makes cleanroom facilities like those used at Mist NZ so important.

Put your trust in a vape shop you can depend on

As the health risks associated with homemade vape liquids become more apparent, the need for dependable vape shops like Mist NZ is even more important. We mix all our vape liquids in the sterile environment of our ISO 7 cleanroom, and add only ingredients known to be safe for use. If you are on the market for the best vapour juice, the wise vape pros at Mist NZ can set you up. Visit our online shop to view our variety of flavours.


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