What Nicotine Level Should I Start At?

What Nicotine Level Should I Start At?

Often when switching to vaping, trying to find the perfect nicotine amount can be confusing, Although smother often can be put off as they don’t know the amount of nicotine intake they are currently getting from cigarettes. In this blog, we are going to touch base on what nicotine level might be best suited for you.

When it comes to switching to vaping, one of the key factors is getting the right nicotine intake to try to kick the habit of wanting a cigarette. On average, a standard cigarette is about 10mg-18mg roughly 1.2mg per puff.


Vape Juice Nicotine Levels

Unlike cigarettes, vaping you are able to have the advantage of controlling your nicotine intake. Whereas cigarettes there is no mention of how much nicotine is in the product. Most vape liquids come in 0mg, 3mg,6mg and 12mg or alternatively you can use nicotine salts which come in a higher nicotine dose of up to 30mg for use in smaller devices.
If you are interested in nicotine salts we have another blog that covers the subject here

Vaping and Smoking Comparison

Here is a list showcasing examples of nicotine levels in comparison to smoking experiences

  • 12mg/ml is for ex-smokers who would generally smoke about 30 cigarettes per day or for those who smoke tobacco unfiltered.

  • 6mg/ml Is great as a starting point for beginners who are light to moderate smokers

  • 3mg/ml is for the casual smoker roughly about 10 cigarettes per day or that social smoker who occasionally smokes when they are out.

  • 0mg/ml is best for those who are existing vapers who want to cut down on their nicotine habit. If you are interested in wanting to quit or reduce your nicotine intake you might be interested in our blog here https://mistnz.co.nz/blogs/news/tips-tricks-to-help-wean-or-quit-the-habit-of-vaping

Every Vaping Experience Is Different For Every User

Please remember what might work for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the right option for you. To succeed in giving up smoking it's important to find the right nicotine level that suits your needs. You can increase and reduce your nicotine intake at any given moment and the more you enjoy your experience in the levels that you are using the longer you will stick with vaping over cigarettes long term.
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