Where Did Vaping Begin?

Where Did Vaping Begin?

Have you ever been vaping away on your e cig device and thought “I wonder who came up with this idea?” Well here is the answer.

The First-Ever Idea

The first idea of a vaporizer started in 1927 from a man called Joseph Robinson. His plan was to create a heating coil wrapped around an [asbestos] core (thankfully this never got manufactured) because in the late 1900s we found out that asbestos was fatal when inhaled.

The first Patent The World Wasn’t Ready For

Along came Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 who filed a patent for a new design that he called a non-tobacco smokeless cigarette. Unfortunately, despite his attempts to demonstrate his product to various companies the world just wasn’t ready yet as smoking was still immensely popular, so he had very little success with it being mass-produced. His design looks very similar to the cig-a-like that you see on the market today.

Hon Lik’s Story

Hon Lik was a Pharmacist who had lost his father to lung cancer, he himself also had a massive addiction to cigarettes in attempts to quit (as he didn’t want to suffer the same fate as his father) he started using nicotine patches. The story is said to be that one night he forgot to remove the patch before he went to bed, Hon Lik ended up having a vivid dream of drowning and his lungs were filling up with water, then out of nowhere the water turned to vapor and he could breathe again. This Dream pushed his determination to come up with a vape device. He ended up creating three different prototypes of Vaporizers, he selected the best one and put it into production in 2006. The device itself contained a battery with a plastic cartridge containing e liquid, and an ultrasonic atomizer.

The Social Movement

With the Successes of Hon Lik’s device, other companies started to follow in his footsteps and redesign the electronic cigarette. It was a simple piece of equipment that only consisted of three main elements a battery, a heating component and some E Juice. The devices on the market today are a lot less complicated as they have been designed with the consumer in mind. Most of the companies that have created these devices are vapers themselves and have listened to recommendations of the vape community on how they would like their Vape devices to function. These vary from E Cigarettes in which you can completely mod the device yourself to suit you or a standard pen-like device that is no larger than a whiteboard marker for ease of use. E Cigarettes have become more socially acceptable as a method to quit smoking due its success in comparison to its nicotine predecessors. The overwhelming evidence that inhaling vapour as opposed to cigarette smoke is a healthier alternative to smoking has aided in the growing success in the vape industry.
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