Why Does My Vape Juice Have A Harsh Peppery Throat Hit Or No Taste?

Due to how hot the weather has been lately we thought we would write a blog to help people understand the effects of heat/air and UV light on nicotine and how these elements can spoil the tastes of your e-liquid (some information provided is sourced from PubChem)


Heat and UV Light VS Nicotine
Don’t you hate it when your all-time favorite vape juice is beautiful one day, and then the next day it is burning your throat and has a somewhat peppery taste to it, This can be the result of the nicotine gone bad. Many people don’t know this, but heat and UV rays can spoil the nicotine in vape juice rather quickly. Nicotine is photosensitive, and it will gradually turn a dark brown or red color depending on the amount of nicotine in your vape juice. However, the color change doesn’t necessarily mean that the nicotine has gone bad as it can also change color when exposed to air. The most common occurrence of the nicotine spoiling happens when the vape juice is left in the car o


n a hot day or left in the sunlight. Those tasty bottles of E-Liquid should be stored out of the sun’s harmful UV rays and between temperatures of 5°c-25°c. The same rule should also apply to vape device if left in the same situations.


Air vs. E-Liquid

If you leave your vape bottle open for prolonged periods, this can result in the loss of flavor in your vape. Sometimes leaving the cap off the e-liquid is a good thing if you are trying to breathe your e-liquid to reduce the fresh taste to it. However, if you do it for too long what eventually what happens is the e-liquid starts to oxidize and break down causing a lot of the flavor particles to escape out into the open air thus resulting in a rather flavorless unenjoyable product.


Storing your e-liquid

It would be best if you always stored you e-liquid in a dark, cool environment (make sure its stored in a child-proof area) below are some examples
-In a cupboard
-If you are traveling in a vehicle, the center console of your car would be the coolest place however it is not advised to leave it in your vehicle for an extended period of time
-The fridge is ideal for long term storage
-For on the go your pocket or handbag is fine. Mist NZ also sell very handy belt pouches that you can store your E Juice in


Here at Mist NZ, we manufacture our Vape juice in a temperature-controlled environment’s ensuring you a great taste and experience within every bottle. If you are unsure on any of the information provided in this blog feel free to contact us.

  • Feb 15, 2019
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