Why You Should Stop Vaping E liquids With Sweeteners!

Why You Should Stop Vaping E liquids With Sweeteners

Vaping the sweetener sucralose may produce toxic chemicals. Some like it sweet, but what if that real sweet treat in your e-cigarette was extremely harmful? In this blog we are going to discuss the effect of sweeteners in your vape liquid.

So what is it that is added to your e-cigarette that makes it sweet?
Sucralose, also known as Splenda for the use in food and drink, is
hundreds times sweeter than your everyday sugar and is generally
considered safe for food consumption. But there is little to be known
about its toxicity when inhaled.

When added to e-liquids, sucralose can increase the amount of
toxic aldehydes and create harmful chlorinated chemicals.
Many vapers are drawn to sweet and fruity flavoured e-liquids but
with new labelling regulations it is not clear which e-liquids include
sucralose and how much they contain.

It has been thought that the compound Sucralose might break down
when heated by the metal coils inside e-cigarettes. To test the idea
researchers mixed up e-liquids and vaporized them using commercial
devices in a lab. A pump drew air through the e-cig, and the
scientists captured the puffs of vapor for analysis.
Adding sucralose to a mix of typical e-liquid solvents such as
propylene glycol and glycerol, amplified the production of lung-
irritating compounds called aldehydes. Some of these compounds,
including acetaldehyde and acrolein, are known to be very toxic. The
amount of aldehydes a user inhales would depend on factors
including how concentrated the sucralose is and how hot the coil

During testing small amounts of organochlorines were detected,
including a potential carcinogen, in the vapor from e-liquids
containing sucralose. While the effects of inhaling organochlorines
aren’t fully understood, some of these compounds are “notorious for
horrendous long term toxicological effects”. Says a study coauthor
Dave Peyton, a chemist at Portland State University.
Sucralose resembles closely to your average table sugar, but the
molecule trades three of sugar’s hydroxyl groups for chlorine atoms.
When sucralose breaks down, chloride ions are released and can
entangle with other chemicals and intervene in other reactions
occurring in the device. When vaped, sucralose degrades,
hydrochloric acid likely forms and catalyzes the reactions that
produce the aldehydes, the study suggests. The authors also
detected hemiacetal compounds, which can contribute to the total
aldehyde levels, and acetals, which is another set of lung-irritating

The hydrochloric acid seems to mess with the e-cigarette’s nicotine.
When sucralose is present, some nicotine is converted to a form less
easily absorbed by the body. Thus some may end up vaping more to
get the same hit of nicotine. This may occur with heavy users, Peyton
says, but for less experienced vapers, the nicotine’s transformation
may cut its harshness and make it less off-putting.
So all in all Sucralose when added to your e-liquid doesn’t create
much waft of a vape cloud and doesn’t really sweeten up the flavour.

Here at Mist NZ we do not incorporate any sweeteners into our vape liquids, the other benefit of having no sweeteners in our vape juice is that your coil will last a little bit longer in your device.

So if your looking for a high quality vape juice look no further than Mist NZ

  • Aug 02, 2021
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Karina November 19, 2021

That’s great that Mist NZ do not use those sweeteners. I did not like other e-juice until I tried Mist NZ and I can taste the difference and quality and have not used anything else. Thank you

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