Will This Will That, We Answer Some of The Will’s, When It Comes To Vape Juice

Will This Will That, We Answer Some of The Will’s, When It Comes To Vape Juice

Too often we find our self’s in situations involving vape liquid, from wondering will vape juice freeze in a freezer to will this vape juice come out of my clothes that I accidentally spilled on myself?

Will vape juice freeze?

First of all your probably asking yourself why would anyone stick vape juice in the freezer, If you ever have to much vape juice and you would like it to keep as long as possible, you can extend the shelf life of your vape juice by storing it in a cool dark place. This has left a lot of people to question will it be beneficial to freeze or store your vape juice in the fridge or freezer and if stored in the freezer will it freeze? The answer is no it won’t freeze unless you have a scientific freezer. Propylene Glycol freezes around -12 degrees Celsius and Vegetable Glycerin freezes around -16 degrees Celsius. The long terms effect of freezing vape liquid is not yet known we would suggest avoiding doing so.

Find out more about storing vape liquids here

Will Vape Juice Stain Clothing?

Ever filled up your vape device but overshot the hole resulting in squirting vape juice on your clothes sounding much like an r18 adult movie, whether it be your favourite top or your lucky underwear, here are the answer on getting those stains out of clothes.
Vape liquid when in contact with certain type’s of clothing or fabric might temporarily discolour, however it generally doesn’t leave a permanent mark. How you clean up the vape juice is the key to making sure it doesn’t leave a stain, it’s important to not let the juice dry out. Make sure you have a damp cloth and dab the area the vape liquid has spilled onto. Do not rub the area as this might push the liquid deeper into the material, then run the material underwater and throw it in the wash. If you follow these steps generally vape liquids will not stain clothing.


Will vape juice hurt my cat or dog if accidentally eaten?

The answer is yes, although it takes a lot of nicotine to kill a fully grown human. For small cats and dogs, it doesn’t take much. If your pet accidentally consumes e-liquid, it would pay to keep an eye on them and look out for the following symptoms
-Sudden weakness in the legs
-Tremors, shaking
-Change in heart rate or rapid heartbeat
-Lethargy, inactivity

If your pet displays any of these symptoms we would suggest calling your vet asap or even if you are just generally concerned.


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