SLYEEK Refillable Vape Pod by Omario Vape

This is a stunning new vape pod device and one of the best on the market.
Are you ready for something new and different? We have what we think are the best refillable pods in the world. Introducing the all-new and first in New Zealand OMARI-O SLYEEK

It's in the name
These have a very SLYEEK style to them.

2.4ml refillable pod cartridge
1.2omh coil
1000mah battery
Only 109mmx18.4mlx18.65ml in size
Autofire on inhaling or press to fire
SLYEEK Refillable Vape Pod By OMARI-O (Only to be used with 60VG/40PG or lower liquids)Please find our range of...
SLYEEK Replacement Cartridges By OMARI-O 3xRefillable SLYEEK Replacement Cartridges1.2omhPackage Contents:3x1.2omh Refillable SLYEEK Replacement CartridgesJuice compatible with 60VG/40VG or Lower You can...
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